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One should live within one’s subsidies, says Arvind Kejriwal, in a sting

25, Jun 2015 By Mahesh Jagga

Faking News received an audio recording which sources claim is of a fight between the stars of the famous advertisement of Arvind Kejriwal released by Delhi government. Our source, named Ankit, vouches for its authenticity but Faking news wants the readers to take the judgemental call.

Husband: Bring my slippers, I have to go to bathroom.

Wife: What did you say? I should bring your slippers? Who do you think you are? Rahul Gandhi? You think you would sit here and order me to bring your slippers?

Husband: Don’t be blasphemous. I am only asking you to do your work as per wishes of Yugpurush and you start fighting with me?

Wife (Raising her voice) : And what is your work? You would sit here all day watching news on television and abusing them, shouting and

One should live within one’s subsidies – says Kejriwal

screaming at them in vulgar language? What was it that you said yesterday? Pichhwade pe laat maarni chahiye? You did not even think that Pappu was sitting there and listening to you?

Husband: Listen: You can’t understand the importance of keeping media in check. And you are treading on dangerous grounds again. You are inciting me to ignore the guidelines of Yugpurush?

Wife (Almost shouting now): And who would stand in the water tanker queue? Who would drop Pappu to school & pick him up? Me?

Husband: And what work do you have other than that? Cooking lauki (Bottle Gourd)? That too, you cook for a week and we are forced to eat it three times a day!

Wife (Angry now): What else do I cook when you have stopped giving me money for household expenses? And your television remains on 16 hours a day, even our power bill has doubled.

Husband: Calm down. As per advice of Arvindji, you should run the household on subsidy and not ask for more money from me. As He says, “one should always live within one’s subsidies.” (जितनी सबसिडी मिलॆ, उतनॆ ही पैर‌ पसारॊ)

Wife (sobbing & crying now): No! I can’t run the household only on subsidies. I cannot do all the chores alone. I cannot see you sitting here whole day and doing nothing. No way!

Husband:  You got to understand. All of us have to make sacrifices for Swaraj, as Yugpurush says. Only thru Swaraj, we would be able give a better world to our children where there are no VIPs, where everyone is equal, where there is no corruption. These sacrifices are part of our struggle. We are blessed that Yugpurshji has opened our eyes to what an ideal housewife should be; it is your divine duty to measure upto the standards set by Him.

(Suddenly, a child starts crying. We surmise that Pappu entered the room, saw his parents fighting and began crying. Rest of the audio is drowned in child’s high pitched cries.)

We quizzed an AAP leader on this sting for his response, he dismissed it derisively, “All of us know the conspiracies of BJP in instigating housewives against their husbands in Delhi. Why should I respond to it?”