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On the lines of McDonald's, Manmohan Singh starts McMohan's; he himself to sit outside on bench

01, Jun 2014 By manithan

Mumbai: Similar to the international food restaurant chain, McDonald’s, India’s ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has started a food restaurant chain here today. Named as “McMohan’s”, it is to host a variety of Indo-Italian foods and has special section for kids.

The inauguration event was grand, with attendants being Bollywood celebrities like Uday Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and liberal intellectuals like Sagarika Ghose-Rajdeep Sardesai couples.

Customers posing with McMohan doll outside the McMohans restaurant in Mumbai.
Customers posing with McMohan doll outside the McMohan’s restaurant in Mumbai.

After the inauguration, Manmohan Singh answered the questions from the press. He said, “When I was sitting silent next to Madam during my days as Prime Minister, I had an idea of doing some business after resigning from the post. I wanted to do business on my own. But still… anyhow, by opening this restaurant, I showed my opposition to Foreign Direct Investment in India. I have plans to open this food chain in other countries too, enabling India to do FDI there.” When asked about the tagline of the restaurant, Dr.Singh went silent, which means that this desi version of McDonald’s will not have any ‘Im Loving it’ tag.

The grains and necessary items for food preparation come from the farm of a very poor farmer named Robert Vadra.  Even the restaurant land belongs to the same farmer.

Chhotaa Bheem cartoons have been used for interior decoration.

As per sources, Rahul Gandhi was spotted  partying with his friends in the kids section of the restaurant.

There is a special item in the menu called “Madam Mcnuggets”, which you can eat without opening your mouth. There is a dish for flash-couples called DigVij McSandwich. If any of the served dish is returned back for bad quality, then the chef Ajay Maker will take the blame for it.

After tasting the foods, Sagarika Ghose is said to have requested the chef to include Briyani in the menu, so that the restaurant sounds plural and secular.

When asked about his role in restaurant, Dr.Singh lamented, “Though the restaurant is named after me, I’m still reduced to be a mascot for it. I mean, for people visiting this place, I’m McMohan, but I’m not in real. I have been given the job of sitting outside on benches or standing outside greeting the customers. More like Ronald McDonald of McDonald’s

Within hours of opening the restaurant, Ravi Shankar Prasad sought for resignation of Dr.Singh from there. Speaking to media, he said, “I condemn the naming of the restaurant, which is similar to McMahon line between India and China. The UPA is thinking of giving away India to China by naming their restaurant in the lines of China. So, I want Manmohan Singh to resign from the post of restaurant owner.”