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On governance and the AAP

28, Jan 2014 By angrymon

This reporter has obtained secret tapes of a recent discussion between Lieutenant Governor Najeeb and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Below is the un-edited and raw transcripts (reader discretion advised):

Lieutenant Governor Najeeb (LG): So Mr. Kejriwal, what is your report on the status of the Delhi Government ?

Arvind Kejriwal (AK): I am anarchist and will not respond to strong arm tactics

LG: But, you are the CM of a state and you have responsibilities. You have to take care of proper governance.

AK: The concept of governance is a conspiracy created by the Congress and BJP. The AAP will redefine a new form of anarchist governance by the people and for the people

LG: So what is your plan for this new form of governance.

AK: Asking the aam aadmi questions out of syllabus will lead to a great agitation in Raj Path. We will pour the people of this country into the narrow streets of Old Delhi and create mammoth traffic jams.

LG: But as CM you have to ensure that the budget is presented and the government functions smoothly.

AK: This smooth functioning and budgets are all Congress and BJP corrupt ideas and practices. We will not allow the aam aadmi of Delhi to be manipulated into these corrupt ideas.

LG: But Kejriwal, who will pick the garbage, how will the buses run, who will ensure public servants are paid?. We just cannot ignore these essential activities.

AK:  You are talking like a congress stooge. You are forcing upon us the malpractices of decades of congress rule in this country. We cannot tolerate Congress talk. I am going on a dharna right in front of your office immediately.

LG: OK, let me give you some examples. Look at MP, the last government has worked to make some good improvements.

AK: No stop. You are now a BJP stooge also. Do not talk about BJP

LG: Are yaar, you do not want to look at how good governance can work, then let me give you the example of West Bengal..

AK: No. You cannot compare any other party, government or state with us. I am CM now, will do whatever I think is correct and will not answer to anyone.

LG: It is high time you stop this mockery. If you do not demonstrate that you have the ability to govern, I will dismiss your government and call for fresh elections.