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On cue from Modi, top scholar from IIT appears for admission to diploma courses in Maharashtra & Haryana

13, Oct 2014 By Mishtik Journo

Delhi: Fellow students at the IIT here are shocked that a first year student, who topped the national elections entrance exams on May 16, 2014 with distinction marks getting 99.99 percentile, is bunking his first semester classes to appear for tests for admission to distance learning diploma courses in Maharashtra and Haryana colleges being run by local politicians.

Narendra Modi
“I am impressed”

“His performance in the assignments so far has been a B at the best whereas we thought that special grades beyond A+ will have to be devised to evaluate a brilliant student like him,” J Antaraja, the Dean at the IIT commented, “With final exams for the first semester due next month, we wonder whether he will be able to figure even among the top ten.”

In the meantime, the student in question, Namo Narayan told Faking News nonchalantly from Nashik where he has gone for admission to a local college, “I have been admitted to IIT for five years. Please assess me with the grades that I get in the tenth semester. I intend to do my Ph D from IIT only, so do not judge me prematurely on this first semester performance.”

Namo’s guardian, Jan Janardhan reacted angrily from Gandhinagar, Gujarat, “I and my friends pooled together and made so much of effort to get him admitted to this prestigious national level institution expecting him to come out of it with flying colours. It is not too late. He must focus on the IIT syllabus and not stake his degree for short term correspondence diploma and certificate courses.”

Jan Janardhan  further added, “Local colleges offering diplomas must find their own candidates. They should not solicit IITians to create star value for them.”

Meanwhile, Radhey Shyam Satsangi, a die -hard fan of Namo proudly told Faking News from Nagpur, “With these diplomas, his qualifications from the IIT will become more majestic; his will be an awesome bio data for future career and growth.”

“Have you thought about what happens if he performs poorly in the admission tests in Maharshatra and Haryana?” countered Chaacha Chaudhary, a close friend of Jan Janardhan.

“Anyway, I have never seen a grandfather trying to become a father again,”  concluded the old wise man of Indian politics comics.