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Of Mice and Men: Kejriwal declared Messiah, Article 377 criticized

17, Dec 2013 By sanjeevsarma

For those that came in late, Arvind Kejriwal has gone on record informing the world that the LokPal bill that’s on the verge of being passed even as we write this and await approval from our editor-in-thief, can’t even ensure that a mouse is arrested.

Arvind Kejriwal

The Indian Union of Mice and Rodents (IUMR) has been on a celebratory mode since then.

At a valedictory function held to celebrate the revealing of Link India through Golden Gutters blueprint, key representatives of mice  communities have unanimous(e)ly, whole-heartedly and in totality thanked Arvind Kejriwal for bringing their issues to notice of not only the Aam Aadmi of India, but other aadmis of India too.

President of the IUMR, Ratiknath Chuadhury, who was spearheading the movement to prevent continual arrests of mice in traps, gunny bags, and third party torture leading to death, tearfully announced that his quest for bringing equality among mice and men has finally been achieved. In a voice made squeakier by emotion, he declared that the IUMR would declare Arvind Kejriwal, a Mouse Messiah for this prediction, and have dared the BJP, Congress and other parties who are for the Lokpal Bill, to arrest them under any section of the Lokpal bill.

Going forward, the mice are now looking forward to other things, including repealing of Section 377, that prevents men and mice from having sex. They have passed a resolution to delcare war against those that oppose Section 377, and have planned to infest Gujarat, MP, Chaatisgarh and Rajasthan with their “Come Sqeaky Clean with InterSpecies Sex” campaign, to ensure that word of their plight is spread amongst the people in these BJP ruled states. Mice, they feel, CAN have sex with consenting Humans.

As this goes to press, it is understood that Key Representatives of the IUMR will also meet SP head, Mulayam Singh Yadav and his party members to plan a Ratifesto for Bihar for the year 2014, and to reach out to people via the Pestilence Yatra, which they hope will soon go viral.