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Odd Even returns in Delhi: Kejriwal confident about beating SRK’s Fan collection

15, Apr 2016 By burabandar

Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal, the maverick filmmaker most famous for ‘Rout in Varanasi’, ‘Routed in Delhi’ & ‘AK-49’ has come with the sequence of his last movie ‘Odd-Even’, this time titled Odd-Even Returns! By the initial reports, the film is set to become another blockbuster.

Arvind Kejriwal, or Khansee as he is popularly known as is confident the film is going to a bigger hit than SRK starer, Fan that also releases this Friday. In his words, “Ji main to kahoonga, ye film India ki jaroorat hai. Main to ek AAM filmmaker hoon, aam quality ki films banaunga magar big budget disasters jaise ‘Robert ka Gurugram’ ya ‘Acche Din Aayenge’ aisi films jo public ko Haafus bolkar Bambaiya deti hain, wo nahi banaunga.” (Ji, I say, this film is a necessity for India. I’m a mango man, will make films of mango quality. But won’t make big budget disasters like ‘Robert’s Gurgaon’ or ‘Good Days Godot’ that sell to the public Mumbaiya mango in the name of Haafus.

Kiran Bedi, who last appeared as a petty sidekick in AK’s ‘Routed in Delhi’ said, “AK could have casted me in the role of a Traffic Cop, I’m sure people would have appreciated the film much much more”.

Odd-Even Returns starring people of Delhi releases April 15, 2016 on the streets.