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Obama takes RaGa under his wing

31, Jan 2014 By DesiNRI

In a significant boost to US-India relationships, President Barack Obama has offered to take India’s Prime Ministerial hopeful, Rahul Gandhi, under his wing.

Big-hearted man

The trigger for this was a lasting headache that the President experienced after his staff tuned the Air Force One TV channel to Rahul Gandhi’s recent TV interview with a noted journalist in India and his immediate humanitarian concern for the 1 billion Indians that had to endure a like experience.

“This must not be allowed to happen!” said a statement released by the White House. “The world must not be subjected to such suffering and menfolk, in particular, to such embarrassment for one of their own. President Obama vows to leverage his well renowned public speaking skills to come to the aid of Mr. Gandhi who, the president feels, would do well to insist on written interviews until he learns to speak extempore.”

Mr. Rahul Gandhi is the latest in a long, illustrious political heritage in India and the second-in-command of the Congress party. After staying mostly out of the limelight, Mr. Gandhi contested and won an MP seat in 2004 at the age of 35. Since then he has been climbing the political ladder – some critics point out that his lineage, rather that his merits or actual achievements, have contributed to his now being seen as the candidate for Prime Minister should the Congress win the 2014 elections.

So, does this mean that the President endorses Rahul Gandhi’s candidature? The White House flatly denied that there was any partisan angle to this, despite a pending visa issue against another PM frontrunner which could pose a diplomatic challenge should he win. President Obama, it appears, feels that Indians have a right to lucidity among their politicians, just as they have a right to vote for their favorites. Besides, US aid being directed towards headache medicines is just wasteful. If it can be prevented, prevent it, is Mr. Obama’s firm view, according to inside sources.

Rahul Gandhi’s prime opponent, Mr. Narendra Modi when questioned about this matter said that he was observing the developments closely but did not feel particularly threatened at the possibility that RaGa (as he is now fondly known among the Twitterati) becomes a debater to contend with. “Look at the garibi hatao initiative. This initiative will be as successful as that one. After all, the Congress party takes its legacy very seriously.”