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O Panneerselvam thanks Sasikala for relieving him of duties from secretariat and not from Apollo

07, Feb 2017 By RT

Chennai. The outgoing chief minister of Tamil Nadu had profoundly thanked the incoming chief minister Sasikala for relieving him of duties from the secretariat and not from Apollo. The last time when Sasikala relieved a sitting chief minister of her duties was from Apollo hospitals in Chennai.

"Will always stay where Amma's last soul was. That is Apollo Hospital"
“Will always stay where Amma’s last soul was. That is Apollo Hospital”

“I am very happy to be smiling when Chinnamma swears in as the chief minister of Tamilnadu. Also, I am very glad to stand beside her during the administration of the oath, if you know what I mean!”, OPS told Faking News.

“There were a plenty of jokes running around in the Internet for the past few months about me. OPS is like UPS; when the main power comes, he switches himself off. OPS is like a male passenger sitting on a ladies seat. When a lady comes to assume the seat, he will get up and standby. After the lady leaves, he will sit down again. I used to laugh out loud on these jokes. Now, these jokes will stop I hope!”, OPS told about the lighter side of him stepping down as chief minister of Tamilnadu.

“During the Jallikattu protests, I did develope some kind of chest pain; especially people like Subramaniam Swami gave me more chest pain with tweets. But, I was very careful not to get admitted to Apollo. Now, I am getting relieved smiling and standing tall as a standby again!”, OPS further expressed his happiness on the recent developments.

When Faking News asked about whether he was unhappy about losing on the chief ministership, “Oh! Don’t worry! There is this electoral process within 6 months. If not, honourable Supreme Court has a pending judgement on the disproportionate assets case! Perhaps the people will be bought, but I have complete faith in judiciary!” OPS told Faking News as the parting remarks.