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Number one in Haryana Ji

08, Oct 2014 By khakshar

A candidate in Haryana who changed four parties in three days has inspired many. The candidate off of course has been named Sandhi- Sudha in Haryana. Like the Ayurvedic Medicine, the candidate can be mixed with any non-alcoholic liquid for best usage.

Politicians of Haryana know that track changes are always allowed in race to be number one. Kuldeep  Bisnoi has accused Congress of  stealing HVP’s theme song. The song “Number One hai Haryana Ji’ was originally written in the times when Bhajan Lal was Chief Minister.

Knowing the love of land in Haryana, Robert Vadra has been declared the official “Damad Ji” of Haryana. Though in not so kind manner, even BJP acknowledges that “Damad Ji”  is like the land loving son.

Meanwhile Chathala and his band of Choudharys have asked Election Commission to force BJP to share 20% of winning seats. INLD has accused BJP of using their party symbol in “Swachch Bharat Abhiyan”. A Choudhary told that BJP had stolen the idea of cleanliness from the way INLD cleaned the treasury. The Choudhary from “Mayhem” also added that the Cleanliness got rubbed to BJP when it was in alliance with INLD. In order to justify it INLD is harping on Honey Singh and his songs. The purity of lyrics of the famous Yo-Yo  symbolizes INLD’s pure politics.

The BJP in turn first tried to project another son in law of Haryana Mr.D P Yadav but failed miserably. It seems that the many sons  of Land who are CM aspirants, did not want a ever seeking “Ghar Jamai”.