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Now goats also want Modi to be PM

12, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Narendra Modi
Thanking goats from a distance.

After Jats, Goats during there last maha-panchayat decided that they would support Modi this time.

The reason seemed obvious but still had to asked, “For centuries we are being sacrificed in the name of god for lakhs.A new phrase is in trend now- “Bakre ki kismat bhi tab chamki, jab Halal homewala tha”. Modiji is our only hope now.

On being asked how they plan to support Modiji – “First of all we are trying to ourself enlisted in voter list, we have contacted Animal rights org and Maenka ji. For now, we are getting body tattoed with Namo, then we would be giving milk in safforon flavour.” Though later is still not decided upon as we don’t want to be termed non-secular.

It was difficult for our reporter to understand what they were trying say. We had to hire a “Dehati aurat” wo could win our their trust and could also follow our orders. She has done a exellent job. We are planning to make her our media face now.