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Now Digvijay Singh uploads a fake video of Modi praising Rahul Gandhi on YouTube

23, Aug 2013 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: In a series of moronic politics by both Congress and BJP, Digvijay Singh has raised the bar of the stupidity very high this time around. After Amitabh’s fake video now Congress’ General Secretary Digvijay Singh has uploaded a fake video of Narendra Modi praising Rahul Gandhi on YouTube.

Social media wizard.
Social media wizard.

Digvijay Singh also shared the YouTube link of the video on Twitter with a caption “Watch this, I am not the only one in the world who sees talent in Rahul Jee.”

The video went viral in seconds on Internet and reached a million views in just 10 minutes.

“Yep, I too shared the video on every social site available on the Internet, it’s the first time I saw someone who is not from Congress praising Rahul Gandhi,” a young tweep told Faking News.

Apparently, the video did cause a tweet war between Modi haters and Modi lovers.

“I loved the tweet-fight, it was so much fun, I was supporting the team Modi lovers,” the tweep further added.

When asked whom he will vote for in the upcoming elections he said “Vote, are you mad or what? I’ll live tweet about the polls and gain some followers instead.”

In the peculiar video, Narendra Modi himself is praising Congress’ most probable PM candidate Rahul Gandhi. Modi is also praising Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in the same video.

More surprisingly Modi is slamming himself in the video for not doing any good to the country. In the end of the video Modi keeps saying “Robert Vadhera kewal ek dharti-mata premi hain.”

The BJP personnel reported about the fake video to the cyber police an hour later after it’s release.

“We reported the video to the police as soon as we figured out that it’s fake, this is an illegal act and we demand a strong action. Modi jee is all appalled after watching the video. We will surely raise this issue in the Parliament and hopefully, we will get it adjourned for a few more days,” A BJP spokesperson stated.

Meanwhile Digvijay Singh has accepted that it is his fault and he is wrong once again, but he refused to apologize.

“I know that making a fake video and publicizing it is wrong by all the right ways, but I am not willing to apologize to anyone. Well, I make these kind of mistakes every other second, it’s not just possible to deplore every single time,” Digvijay Singh told Faking News.

According to the experts the dialogues of the video were taken from Manmohan Singh’s 1300 + speeches which he has delivered in last 9 years.

“Another thing which startled us was that the video has Italian subtitles, we know that Digvijay Singh uploaded the video, but currently, we are working on it to find out it’s origin so that we can initiate required action against the perpetrator who made this video,” a cyber police officer said.

In the mean time a common man named Sanjay Jha who loves everyone from the UPA has said that he has nothing to do with the video and he is not good at drafting fake things.