Monday, 26th February, 2018

NOTA forces Congress-BJP to discuss post poll alliance

04, Dec 2013 By abhishekkalla

The reports that are pouring in from the poll bound states before the counting begins on 8th December both the national parties are in talks for a possible alliance to form government and remain in power due to fear of not getting clear majority in all the states.

This fear has arisen because of the option “NONE OF THE ABOVE” given by the EC in the EVM’s. Both parties fearing that due to this option general public might reject their candidates and none of the party will get any near the majority mark. To fight this hurdle together both parties has decided to keep options open for post-poll alliance to form government and keep themselves in power.

Although no official comments have poured from both parties but sources highly placed in these parties have hinted after meeting of state heads of both parties of all poll bound states.

It will be interesting to see what the people of the states have decided but the NOTA has given both parties lot to think about this coalition and prepare themselves for the “Finals” Lok Sabha Elections next year.