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North East people to protest against Narendra Modi to get attention of government and media

01, Dec 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

NE States, India. Hugely concerned with the fact that the North East doesn’t get much attention from the central government and has been lacking on all aspects of development, the people living in those states have decided to do something that will surely get the attention of the ruling party at Delhi – criticizing Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

“All our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Infrastructure, education, jobs, heath, security – you name it and we have problems there. All we keep hearing are promises, but no one delivers them. It appears as if we are not a part of India,” an Assamese fumed.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi has not yet reacted to the development

“You know assembly elections are going on in Mizoram too. But when you switch on the TV for news you would believe that elections are going on in 4 states only. Few days back a woman was gang raped in Assam, but no media campaign to give her justice,” a Mizo rued.

“It’s not that we have made only humanitarian appeals. Even political appeals and campaigns have not been taken seriously. There have been protests and lockdowns, but no one seems to be bothered! Neither the government, nor the Delhi media,” pointed out a resident of Manipur.

To make themselves relevant, and to make their voices heard, the people of the eight North Eastern states have now decided to criticize Narendra Modi, so that the central government led by Congress takes note of them.

“As you know dushman ka dushman dost hota hai. So we’re following that principle. Currently, Narendra Modi is the biggest enemy of Congress, and he is the only topic and issue for Congress. We had a meeting and we concluded that if we speak about Modi, we will surely be able to attract attentions of the Delhi government and the media,” convener of the newly launched NE States People’s Conference told Faking News.

When asked why did they decide to speak against Modi and not in favor of him, because they would have attracted attention either ways, the convener said, “We are not looking for cheap publicity; we want development. If we speak in favor of Modi, the central government will stop whatever little work is being done right now!”

As part of this strategy, People of NE states will gather in their respective capital cities and shout slogans against Narendra Modi, calling for a ban on his entry in their states. Masks and effigies of NaMo will also be burnt and a vow to defeat communal forces will be made.

When this Faking News reporter wondered that will it not cause the Congress to take them for granted as their biggest fear is people turning Pro-Modi, the convener said that there was such a risk, but there was no alternative.

“We are anyway taken for granted, so it can’t get worse,” he claimed.