Saturday, 17th March, 2018

Non Reasident Bangladeshis (NRBs) to honour *Someone* at Delhi's Sunder Nagri Square

06, Nov 2014 By simplydimply

Arvind Kejriwal
Not to be confused with “someone”

New Delhi- They love him, adore him and have high hopes from him. Only leaders like him can let them live illegally in delhi and keep their criminal businesses thriving. So, they will come in hordes of millions to honour their hope and only leader. It is an open secret in Delhi that almost all of them who were once illegal Bangladeshi migrants are now legal voters courtesy the magic of a mysterious *hand*, but now they are with brooms in their hand.

Even the carcasses of animals they had slaughtered in the open know their Bangladeshi identity. But their new leader is compassionate and sees no evil in their evil deeds. They are his volunteers and votes. He will go to any length and cap to appease them,for, they with their ill gotten voter IDs would vote en block for him. The trade of death n destruction they carry out from their slums would be termed as just a ‘Curse of poverty’ by the NGO umbrella. If he wins they would merrily keep on feasting upon the free rations at the cost of poor Indians. They know they need more protection from vote hungry pseudo secular leaders.

“He is a crusader of rights of poor people like us. We are with him and he is with us. We have organised this ceremony to honour him for the spirit he is showing in fighting communal forces.He himself has openly declared that communalism is a bigger threat than corruption. Growth and development are not our agenda. We are already adding to population growth. I myself have 9 children and two of my four wives are pregnant. Even if you say that I am a bangladeshi I am giving double digit children growth to your country. We love this country for its psuedo secular leaders,” a charged up Haseen khalid (NRB) with a broom in his hand told us.