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Noida software engineers meet AAP leaders, demand 70L of beer every month

03, Jan 2014 By bhaskardvs

Tuesday morning, just few hours away from the new year eve, there is still long queue at Janatha Darbar in front of Kejriwal’s house. Though the leader is severely ill, and was advised bed rest by the homeopathy doctor who has seen him in the morning, lot of Aam Aadmee,  and representatives of different associations gathered there to complain, discuss about their problems, asking for resolutions.

Our  correspondent, Special (yes, it’s his name) who is sitting on the compound wall of the same building, has seen Kejriwal a couple of times taking bed rest on the chair.  Special also met few association leaders to get a overall perspective of their problems. An interesting one is the Noida software engineers association. They came up with 8 serious demands, and are ready to give 8hours time to AAP to fix them up. They sent the pdf file containing their demands, through blue tooth to our correspondent mobile phone, which we have pasted below.

  1.  To give 70 liters of beer every month free for  everyone who is working in IT industry, to counter their daily stress.
  2. To offer “software” immunity to the people who are caught in “drink and drive” cases on Friday nights.
  3. Special request to Kejriwal to see the possibility of having 3 Fridays every week. (or at least 2 ?)
  4. Quota in tatkal bookings and a dedicated window in IRCTC website, which should work!!
  5. Stop the media from publishing IIM and IIT pass out’s first salary details, its causing so much pain to the families of these engineers, especially who are from southern parts of India.
  6. Request  AAP to sponsor an Android App which fills the timesheets automatically for next 2 years.
  7. To constitute a “Softpal” bill to ensure the redressal of “appraisal and rating issues” of software employees.
  8. To have a better work life balance, to force 24hours work culture, this is very important for people who are currently working 36hours a day. (Adding up the time on local and remote desktops in office/home)

After thorough inspection of the demands, and detailed introspection, AAP leader Yogendra yadav, explained the association members that Noida doesn’t come under Delhi state yet, so they may contact “Netaji” directly, or his son, who is the CM of the UP.  Sources say, those engineers are completely depressed and agitated with AAP’s response, and are ready to take it up at the highest level (read as “Arnab”) if required. It seems all these engineers voted for Kejriwal in social networking websites.