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Nodi ji to take forward Make in India Campaign, attempts to recreate Around the World in 80 days

23, May 2015 By sidmenon14

India/Or wherever Nodi Ji is these days – In an  interesting development, Nodi ji today hit back at all those who have been criticising his globe-trotting ways. He has attempted to justify his position by stating that all this, is a part of the “Make in India” campaign.

“I’m playing a pivotal role in making the Make in India campaign a huge success”, claims Nodi Ji, “I’m recreating Jules Verne’s famous novel Around the World in eighty days. And that is the reason I’m visiting so many countries.”

“I have requested celebrated novelist Bhetan Chagat to write a book on this. This will qualify as a make in India initiative,” Nodi ji told the Faking News Reporter.

When we contacted Bhetan Chagat, we found him in an excited state.

“Yes Yes. I have been hired by Nodi Ji to write an adventure novel on his travel happy ways. He is truly a visionary. By recreating a literary classic, he is using the book’s popularity and his own endless energy to put India on the map,” exclaims Bhetan.

“The book Bhetan will write and the movie that will be made based on this book by Jaran Kohar will rock the world. Indian kids will read the book with so much enthusiasm and then will flock to see the movie. The immense  success will lead to global recognition for India and it’s literary and cinematic abilities,” Nodi Ji said.

“So you see, main ghoomna phirna apne desh ki tarakki ke liye kar raha hu. Smit Ahah will accompany me too. He will be the passe-partout to my Phileas Fogg,” laughs Nodi Ji.

When someone from the audience shouted that an actor of Chinese descant namely Cackie Jhan has already made such a movie and again we are behind China, Nodi Ji got angry and his body guards promptly removed the person from the place on the pretext that he was wearing black sunglasses.

While the whole affair seems challenging, people here at Faking News wish Nodi Ji the very best for his endeavour and also hope that Bhetan Chagat’s name is there in the credits of this upcoming Bollywood movie based on his upcoming novel “Acche Din Aa Gaye hai “.