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No special treatment for most special Amma

01, Oct 2014 By AdityaSachan

As former TamilNadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, a.k.a ‘Amma’ began her four year career in jail. She said she wants to be like common jail convicts and needs no ‘Special Treatment’

The only ‘Not-so-special’ treatments given are:

1. To share the cell with her friends Sasikala Natarajan and V.N.J. Illavarasai.

2. To be housed at hospital, due to her health concerns.

3. To have 3 Tamil newspapers and 2 English dailies only every morning.

4. To have food cooked by her personal staff.

5. To use special chair , due to her lower back pain.

6. Meet only AIADMK Leaders, VIPs and government officials only.

Jail authorities were ‘taken aback’ by her simplicity! They said, most of the special jail guests, like VVIPs, Ministers always had demands like ACs, Soft beds, Sofas, TV with 300 channels and only HD.

But ‘Amma’ asked only for such common things, which is given to every jail inmate. She is like Goddess and her simplicity of being in such ‘not-so-special’ conditions is shocking, said an unknown jail authority.

Few Bangalore 5 star hotels and  PGs already feel threatened by such ‘not-so-common’ facilities. As many software engineers have decided to shift to Bangalore jail to live.

PS: This article is inspired by the original one, which can be found here.