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Nitish Kumar to split Bihar for getting the special category status

04, Mar 2014 By manithan

Patna: Nitish Kumar has decided to split his state Bihar into two, in a final stunt, for helping it to acquire its far-fetched dream of special category status.

The announcement of this splitting of Bihar comes a few days after the announcement of day-long protest against the UPA for its backstabbing activities with respect to special status. Last week, Nitish Kumar had announced for day-long Satyagraha in the lines of Rahul Gandhi to happen on March 2. Now, this announcement from the CM office has sent ripples across India.

“Two states”

Addressing to the media, Nitish Kumar said, “UPA has ditched us by providing Special Status to Seemandhra, which was split from Andhra. In the similar terms, I hereby announce that Bihar will be split into Bi and Har. Humko Harne ka ichcha nahin, par BJP mein Bi hain (We do not like defeat, but there is B in BJP). So, I will be ruling the Har state, even it mean defeat. Also, Har is part of Hara rang (Green Color), which is color of secularism. So, I will be ruling Har state and Bi state will be taken by Lalu or anyone who wants to rule it. I had already split from BJP to get special status among the secular liberals. Now, I want my state to get special status.”

MPs of the Nitish Kumar’s party has planned to disrupt the parliament proceedings and are arming themselves with weapons. “We will be using pepper sprays for soups in the canteen only, if the UPA provides us special status during the next parliament session”, threatened one MP from (Bi)Har.

Another senior member of Bihar commented, “We have planned to name both the split states as Har. We are a split Har, with another state named as Har, it can be called as BiHar. Advantage of this is, we can claim to be ruling party of either state and Lalu will be stateless”.

Unconfirmed sources said that Nitish had called Arvind Kejriwal to acquire knowledge on how to protest against UPA, while still retaining good terms with the UPA. Arvind Kejriwal has suggested Nitish to buy mufflers and to cough daily. For that, Nitish is said to have started drinking cold water and develop dry throat.

When asked about this issue, Rahul Gandhi commented, “State is a poverty of mind.” and went away.