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Nitish Kumar promises 'Special Status' for India if he becomes PM

07, Mar 2014 By rmantha

Patna. Smarting from news reports that Bihar’s GDP growth rate has fallen by nearly half since he left the alliance with BJP, JDU supremo and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar claimed today that he had a way to increase economic growth for the whole country without making any sacrifices.

Nitish Kumar
Will give special status to everyone.

He also claimed that he had figured out how to increase growth without anyone in India needing to work again, ever.

“We will agitate before the United Nations for Special Status for India.  Just as Seemandhra got this after splitting from Andhra Pradesh, India should have also got it after Indian partition in 1947,” he said at a rally in Patna.

“We will bring New York city to a standstill by protesting in front of the UN building.  They will be forced to give us Special Status,” Nitish said.

Releasing his party’s economic manifesto, which was a single point one page document titled “Special Status for the whole of India”,  Nitish Kumar made an impassioned pitch for equality, secularism and not showing any bias towards anyone.  “We must be wholly inclusive and not discriminate against any community.  I am going to propose as a first step that the reservations policy would be extended to all Indians, and not just SC/ST/OBC.”

“One day, if we are successful, the whole world will get Special Status”, he added.