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Nitish demands Interpol probe into swami Aseemanand's claims about RSS chief

08, Feb 2014 By sudhanshu raj singh

As the nation prepares for lok sabha election, winds of secularism have started sweeping our country. This is becoming evident in our netas speeches and announcements.

Nitish Kumar
Mr Secular

After Lalu and Mayawati outdid others by demanding CBI probe into RSS-Aseemanand controversy first, our supersecular Bihar CM calculated that he will have to do something even bigger.

After lots of brainstorming session with his fellow seculars like Sharad yadav and pawan bansal on how to make most of this communal situation , he finally demanded a thourough Interpol probe into this matter.

” This is a matter concerning national security and secular fabric of our nation so we need to have an impartial international organization like Interpol probing this matter” announced nitish in his press conference.

While all other secular parties dismissed this demand of nitish as one of no impact..many of their senior leaders privately agreed that they were  intimidated as well as very impressed with nitish’s innovative idea.

Many secular analysts are of the view that Nitish’s secular stock has jumped greatly due to this move and he has now emerged as the most dominant secular force in Bihar.