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Nitin Gadkari to sue Idea Cellular Ltd.

18, Feb 2013 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: Former BJP president, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, is all set to sue one of the leading cellular company Idea Cellular Ltd.

“Idea’s theme song, you’re my pumpkin pumpkin, has hurt my sentiments deeply,” said Mr. Gadkari, the 55 year-old, while sitting on a couch and making it cry. “What kind of  creepy lyrics are these, I have a creepy-crawly feeling every-time I listen to it, obviously, they are trying to mock me  with such words.”

“This song has made my life miserable, people start singing this song no matter where I go, I doubt that they are all Congresspersons who are conspiring against me,” Gadkari told Faking News recollecting his thoughts as he ate a king size burger.

The former BJP President who is already in a lot of troubles due to IT summons he is getting everyday seemed furious than ever. “Even the IT officers who comes to my house every single day mocks me with comments like ; Tell us what you got, in round figure. The story doesn’t end here. Earlier in Lucknow, the Election Commission people covered me up thinking I am an elephant roaming around canvassing for BSP. This behavior is intolerable,” Gadkari said angrily.

“I am not the only one, musicians like Bappi Lahiri and Daler Mehndi are also supporting me in this!” Nitin Gadkari stated.

“We have had enough, people do go overboard with their sarcastic comments. Just today someone commented on us; If Bappi Da and Daler Mehndi ever do something great in music, they should get a Kilo-Grammy award. This has become unbearable now and we can’t take it anymore,” said the golden guy Bappi Lahiri. He even sang Ooh-la-la for us without anyone asking.

“I feel like eating people up when they went on to sing, I am your dumpling dumpling. We are celebrities, people should learn to respect us. Although I know that today the number of Punjabi singers is equal to the number of grapes needed to weigh equal to a blue whale, but I am a veteran and I am the best. Idea should replace the theme song ASAP, just like Shankar Mahadevan replaced me in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom,” Daler Mehndi said.

“Yes, we have decided and this is the conclusion. We are going to sue right now,” all three said unitedly and walked towards the bathroom.

Meanwhile the CEO of Idea Cellular Ltd., Mr. Himanshu Kapania, is all shocked after hearing about it.

“We didn’t expect this from Gadkari jee, this is like Rahul Gandhi suing Vodafone for their dog being more intelligent than him,” he said.