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Nitin Gadkari orders all RTO’s to replace U-Turn signs by Kejriwal’s face

30, May 2014 By planetdeepak

Nitin Gadkari, in his first order after taking charge as the country’s transport minister, has instructed all Regional Transport Offices [RTO], to replace every U-turn sign in the country with a picture of Kejriwal’s face.

This order is to be executed on high priority. It is learnt that an ultimatum of 48 hours has been issued to cover all roads across the country. Incentives are also announced for offices achieving the highest number of replacements. To comply with the order, the ministry has also encouraged creating new U-turns, if one does not exist for the RTO. The ministry justified this move by saying that it will “only add to the country’s infrastructure”.

Arvind Kejriwal
Quintessential U-turn

The Ministry further informed that the approved picture of Kejriwal’s face, a copy of which is with Faking News, is already circulated to all the RTOs.  The picture appears to be the one where Kejriwal is walking out from Tihar jail after furnishing a bail bond. Kejriwal was arrested in a defamation case filed by Gadkari. The ministry however ruled out any revenge angle associated with this decision.

In fact it is termed this as a “driver friendly initiative”. A senior level secretary in his personal capacity expressed that it is much easier to remember Kejriwal as U-Turn than the ‘U-turn’ sign itself. Plus it will help those drivers who cannot read English or are dyslexic. The ministry could not think of any other person who has taken as many U-turns as Mr. Kejriwal and so his face was selected.

The Transport offices have also been asked to make necessary amendments to all rules associated with U-Turn. RTO’s are cautioned about using the ‘find and replace’ feature of ‘Microsoft Word’ and asked to proofread the rules before submitting. It also plans to carry out awareness drives about the changed rules. All tests for driving licenses conducted after May 2014 will be under new rules.

The Ministry is optimistic that the task will be completed well before the deadline; and that it will receive nationwide support for this initiative.