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Nitin Gadkari cites hair loss as the reason for not wearing helmet

26, Oct 2014 By johnrj

Delhi. After media released videos showing Nitin Gadkari not wearing a helmet while driving his 2 wheeler, he has cited hair loss as the reason to why he wasn’t wearing one.


“You have no idea about the problems Nitin ji is facing because of wearing helmets,” a spokesperson of Mr. Gadkari said in an official statement when quizzed about the Minister’s action, “Because of this heat in Nagpur and Delhi, everyday he keeps losing tons of hair and since he is a public personality, he cannot afford to have a bald head when meeting important people.”

The spokesperson went on to show our reporter his helmet and the hairs which were sticking out of it. He revealed that drastic actions are being taken for combating against his hair loss and he assured that helmet would be worn by the minister after it is resolved.

“We are aware that this is not as per the international standard road safety law that Nitin ji is trying to implement in our country but this is his personal problem which has to hold priority since his life is getting affected by it,” continued his spokesperson. “Even his wife is complaining about his hair loss and ashamed to talk to him even if there is a slight amount of visible bald spot. Everyone loves his hair and it would be a personal tragedy if he loses it to the dust and heat of our cities.”

On asked about the similar incident which occurred on July 17, 2013 where Nitin Gadkari was caught again without wearing a helmet, the spokesperson said that at that time he was undergoing hair transplant.

“He was in the initial phase of hair transplant and at that time wearing a helmet would cause it to ruin the process. But unfortunately, even after so many months it did not help his cause because of his constant head scratching and hair raising tensions during the elections which made the transplantation void. Now as you can see, his hairs are looking good but again if he travels with a helmet it would ruin it,” said the spokesperson

Now that the elections are over, his spokesperson has assured that Nitin Gadkari will take steps to take care of his hair and soon come back to the roads wearing helmets once his problem is resolved.

He also added that Mr. Gadkari has requested the government to provide him Rs 40 lakhs so that he could protect his hair and become a role model who follows the international standard road safety laws to perfection.