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Nigerians raising funds for Aam Aadmi Party; Indian AAP happy over turn of events

27, Jan 2014 By manithan

Delhi: Our reporter was alerted by his friends yesterday that an email was being circulated by Nigerians among the Aam Aadmi Party supporters, urging them to share their bank details for opening AAP branch in Nigeria.

Volunteers of Nigerian Aam Aadmi Party.
Volunteers of Nigerian Aam Aadmi Party.

In a press meet yesterday evening, Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson, Yoqendra Yadav appeared happy, when he showed the printed mails to the press, waving and saying, “See, the Africans themselves want to support our party. We had already produced Ugandan High commission letter, but you people were not ready to believe. Now, we have mail from Central Bank of Nigeria supporting our party and even extending support by starting our party branch in Nigeria. I urge fellow AAP members to support them for doing the right thing.”

Supporters of AAP were seen forwarding the emails to their friends and relatives, so that they too can contribute for NAAP . One AAP volunteer looked amused, “Bhai, see, they said they will be returning us money in millions.. that too in dollars. We can use them to build our homes Delhi streets and will use that fund for our family vacation Lok Sabha elections. We can also contest in Africa under African Aam Aadmi Party(AAAP). We just need to share your bank account number.. I shared our party’s official bank account number, which houses the funds received till now. See, how it is going to increase in millions soon..”

Our reporter got hold of one such email. Below is the email that is being circulated:

From: “Gbenga R. Genbga” Reply-To:  Date: Fri, 24  Jan 2014 05:14:12 +0530 Subject: PAYMENT FOR AAP BRANCH IN NIGERIA

From the desk of :
Mr.Gbenga R. Genbga..
Payment Supervising Officer., Central Bank of Nigeria,
Phone:+234 1 419 3090
Attn; Beneficiary,
Going by series of petition received from Ugandan Community on the way some officials of your Aam Aadmi Party are handling the African people there the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) and Nigerian Aam Aadmi Party (NAAP) has decided to start such measures here in Africa but we running short of funds ,.So we request you to send money for starting Aam Aadmi Party in Nigeria. 
After NAAP office is establishd, you will paid a total of One million Five Hundred Thousand United States dollar for helping, It was generally agreed that a new method of payment completely different from what is obtainable previously should be adopted for this payment to avert fraud perpetration by officials that will handle the payment process. After a long deliberations it was agreed unanimously that all beneficiaries will receive part of their money through the Automated Teller Machine Card payment method (ATM Master card)… the balance will be remited into your Master card in two payments.
 Kindly and urgently provide us with the information listed below so that we will commence work immediately on your file.
Your full names:
Phone Numbers:
Present Occupation:
Legal identification.
Current Bank Account NaMe:
Current Bank Account NUmber:
This information will be used to open an ATM account with our bank fro where the Master ATM debit card will be raised in your favor.
Your prompt response in needed for urgent attention.
Sincerely at your service,
Gbenga R. Genbga.
Payment Supervising Officer.