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News channel investigation reveals that the bomb that never blasted in West Bengal, was in-fact never made

17, Oct 2014 By manithan

Burdwan: The whole Burdwan district appears ‘desert’ed. Investigation agencies that had camped there came up with no updates. But the supreme investigation agency of India, the news channel clan, has revealed that there was never a bomb blast in Burdwan and that bomb which would have otherwise blasted, was never made.

Burdwan had all the things in-place to be on the limelight of the Indian public for weeks. But media analysts are clueless over how and why it lost that place. Though the news caught fire on social media and Internet Hindus were up on heels shouting about how dangerous West Bengal have become, there was a eerie silence in the news channels. One of the news channel was brave enough to say that “Something happened somewhere and someone said something to someone. NIA is investigating on this.”

After weeks of secret investigation, “Sherlock of India” Sreenivasan came up with an article that ‘how the cracker blasts in Diwali were never accounted in the bomb blast count and how Hindus have terrorized the whole India during Diwali days‘. Outlook carried an article on how RSS enabled cross browser hacks and why it is dangerous for the Idea of India.

However, the shocking revelation came from the NEW news, which carried an exclusive investigation on the bomb blasted site. It revealed that “There was no bomb blast in Burdwan. Also, the bomb which never blasted there was never made. It was a rumor propagated by the BJP to polarise the votebank and was done in view of the upcoming 5th Standard Class Leader elections in Little Flower School in Burdwan. This is similar to the Love Jihad propaganda which was negated by the girl herself, without any pressure from others. “

Around 50,000 policemen were deployed in West Bengal to search and arrest a person who logged into Facebook, when some anti-TMC post was made by some other person in Facebook.
Around 50,000 policemen were deployed in West Bengal to search and arrest a person who logged into Facebook, when some anti-TMC post was made by some other person in Facebook.

While in the show, when a viewer questioned about the “no pressure” angle in the Meerut Love Jihad case, the editor of NEW channel, shouted, “How dare you ask such a question? Don’t you know that powerful police officers in Gujarat taking back their statement was under political pressure, but a single girl changing her statement is absolutely acting on her own?”

The leader of the invisible employees union of the non-existent bomb making industry in Burdwan, said, “BJP is trying to disturb the federalism. It is trying to be pro-rich and is hitting the small scale industry hard. Of course, bomb making is a small scale industry. We were enabling FDI (Foreign Detonator Increase) via making detonators here and exporting it to foreign countries. We are implementing Make In India too, by making the bombs that we use for blasts here itself, instead of depending on ISI for each and every bomb blast. Our laborers do not have protection under any Labour laws. We have too many police raids and it affects our productivity. We have to test our products on our employees who ask for pay rise or ask for vacation. Our only mode of advertisement is the bomb blasts that successfully takes place outside our production unit. We are deeply affected by this continuing closure of our units and we will fight against any such interruption in our process model.”

An employee from the same union touted that, “Like how American clothing brands are made in our Bangladesh, all the weapons of the world are made in Bengal cottages. Our homes might not have a fan or TV or food, but it will definitely have grenades, rifles, machine guns, bazookas, missiles, etc. Even we are in contract with Iran to deliver their nuclear weapons, which they had outsourced to us 3 years back.”

Meanwhile, a party leader in Burdwan, whose house was used as a makeshift bomb production unit, said that the ‘tunnels were constructed to create bomb train, to let passengers go to heaven directly’. The leader added that, “When there is a bullet train planned, why not a bomb train?”