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New symbols of political parties

28, Jan 2014 By khakshar

The Election Commission has convened an all Party meeting regards re allotment of  symbols in view of General Elections 2014.

A note stating the agenda of the meeting has already been sent to the Political Parties. The note states that a re allotment of Party Symbols will be done and the choices will be from wildlife animals of India.

This is being done by the commission on request of  Wildlife India i.e WWF India requesting the mass awareness about the ethnic wildlife species of India. WWF India had also requested imposing facial photographs on the body of wildlife animals in impending elections. the second request was rejected by Election body on fear of sudden increase in population of these species.

Nearealy all political parties have held meeting in this regard and have agreed to the Commission’s proposal. While the Congress is sure to pick the Indian Sloth, the BJP has zeroed upon Chameleon.

The Congress virtues the slow moving and ever sleepy Sloth as a master stroke to display the Party’s functioning. The main opposition BJP harps on the color changing Chameleon Camouflage .

AAP  confused as usual had a MMS and postal survey regards the symbol and has finally chosen Macaque as it’s choice. However  choosing the Macaque over Baboon has seen a revolt in the ranks of AAP. Other regional parties have agreed on thick skinned “rhino” as their symbol.