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New requests to EC

21, Mar 2014 By khakshar

Many political parties have put forward different complaints to Election Commission regards use of jargon by other parties. The Election Commission seems to be in a state of confusion regarding some of these complaints.

It is learnt that Samajwadi Party has asked for ban of words like “DeMo” and Names like “Mona”, as these words when repeated quickly and continuously sound like “MoDi” and “NaMo” .

Meanwhile the Congress has objected on chants like ” Om Namo Shivay”. The Party feels that these religious chants favor Prime Ministerial candidate of a party. The Congress has suggested that “Om Shive  Shivay” can be used by the worshipers.

The Bahujan Samajwadi Party has asked the election body to ban riding of bicycles in Uttar Pradesh  likening use of cycles  surrogate campaigning. It has suggested that cost of all cycles should be added to poll expenditure of Samajwadi Party.

BJP has suggested even animals and their upkeep cost should be added to poll expenses to ensure free and fair elections. The Party is of the view that  cost of upkeep of Elephant should be added to Mayawati’s party and that of Buffalo should be added to Laloo’s party in Bihar and Azam Khan’s party in UP.

All Parties have given in writing to the election body that use of “Jhadu” for cleaning should be immediately be banned across India.

Vacuum Cleaner, mop manufacturers have planned  hike in  production for the next two months. Use of duster, mop, vacuum cleaner,  blower will be allowed for cleaning by the commission it appears.