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New political party decides male genitals as its symbol to avoid influencing voters

31, Oct 2013 By pradhanadhyaapak

Apprehending opposition from various political fronts on the issue of party election-symbols influencing voters, a new political party formed this year has decided to contest the elections with the human penis as its symbol. When asked why they decided on such a weird symbol the party spokesperson kaushik Loudaya retorted, “ We think ahead of the time.

When political parties would be losing constituencies with lotus ponds covered and hands wrapped, we would walk upright for our symbol remains perennially covered. Besides, why not choose a symbol that half of Indian males think to be the only thing to be proud of? Our party slogan has also been devised accordingly – almost instantaneous growth.”

A huge uproar sprouted in the media and social circles after the party declared its symbol and manifesto. While prime-time news shows are still debating on this issue named “Which party do you STAND for”, social evangelists are arguing it could lead to moral corruption with young masses practicing pornography under the name of election campaigning.

The newly formed party has also taken a dig on many political heavyweights with hoardings at major landmarks that say, “Ab hum he, aam Aadmi ke haath“. Veteran congressmen Digvijay Singh however says there is no reason to be concerned, “such parties, like their symbol suggests, do not stand for a long time”.