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New pokemon and trainer appear in UP’s Lucknow

02, Apr 2017 By Tejas S

Lucknow: Reports and rumours indicate that a new Pokemon has been discovered in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh’s streets. Eyewitness accounts and facial composites prepared by sketch artists indicate that this Pokemon is Gandhian in its fashion ideals, wears Khadi and is never seen without its Lathi. Locals have begun calling it Pulisfos.

Yogi-Oh at the latest Pokemon Tournament
Yogi-Oh at the latest Pokemon Tournament

Over the past week it has shown an affinity for places around police stations and parks. Visitors to the latter have complained of being hit repeatedly by the Pokemon. However, no serious injuries have been reported, apart from loss of self esteem and freedom.

Enthusiasts may note that Pulisfos is a Dark type, and is effective against couples. Paradoxically, while its attack doubles in their presence, it also suffers poisoning due to jealousy. Pulisfos is overpowered in the presence of Bufalos, a Pokemon popularized by legendary trainer Azam Khan.

Independent investigations show that Pulisfos is not a new Pokemon, but only a mega-evolved version of Pulis, last seen in 1992. This mega evolution seems to be aided by an upcoming already famous firebrand trainer called Yogi-Oh, who is known for his aggressive tactics, and has a legendary for making Pokemon like Sikyular and Prestitoot faint as soon as he appears on the scene.

When asked about his future plans, Yogi-Oh says, “I’m currently focusing on defeating my old rival, Libral. After that, I hope to win the tournament at Babri.” This might seem to be alarming to some experts, who have long maintained that Babri is a place renowned for stalemates, where no one ever wins, much like the main character in the Pokemon anime, and to suggest a win there might potentially disrupt the entire Pokemon world of India.

Yogi-Oh is quick to point out that his only superpowered move is Development, but wary watchers are sure that he has something more up his sleeve.

Asked what his message to his fans would be, he smiles and says “For every fainted Pokemon of mine, I will make ten of theirs faint. It’s been long since the tournament scene has seen anyone with Pokeballs of steel.”