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New govt circular calls earlier Aadhaar notification fake

21, Jun 2017 By MrIndia

Two days ago the central government issued a circular that forced linking of Aadhaar number to land records. In this circular government warned farmers that unless they link aadhaar number they will lose their land. Yesterday the government issued a notification calling that circular fake. In this notice government clarified that only those lands that get water will come under this rule. Also, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, and Goa were exempt from this rule, since elections are ahead.

"Will my Aadhar Card be valid?", worries Lord Hanuman
“Will my Aadhar Card be valid?”, worries Lord Hanuman

Today the government issued another circular calling yesterday’s notification fake. According to the government aadhaar cannot be faked.

A government spokesman, who goes by the name Baghdad Bob, clarified: “how can any circular linking aadhaar and land records be fake? It is fully within our goal to link every piece of your life to aadhaar. Therefore, we believe the notification calling the circular must also be fake. Accordingly we have issued a circular against that notice. Tomorrow we will issue another notice clarifying whether this circular is fake. It is our duty to keep the citizens informed about our fake circulars.”

Upon hearing this, Associated Press reporters developed a circular spinning vertigo. They were treated with Benadryl at AIIMS.

The ruling party AIADMK in TamilNadu opposed the 1st notification. They said nobody can take any land without approval from their leader Sasikala. She is presently in jail serving 7 years for crimes.

The Jammu and Kashmir separatist party Hurriyat expressed its opposition to government. Its leader Geelani asked “why do we get exempted every time from everything?! This is discrimination! At least for once we want to be treated like dirt!” The govt plans to renew his passport and reward him with another fully sponsored Ramzan trip to America.

The government will update the latest circular tomorrow and revise it one day later.