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New career of Sonia and Modi - Modelling

03, Feb 2014 By Kannan

Gone are the days when professional models were hired to play the roles of politicians. In a path breaking change that will be altering Indian advertising industry and the political establishment forever, renowned perfume manufacturer Christian Dior has commissioned the two most recognized faces in the election season.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi expressed his happiness

The recent comments by Sonia and Modi on sowing and spreading POISON in the country were in fact part of the script that was developed by the advertising agency of Christian Dior. Though near to the venues where the rallies were conducted temporary sales booths of the perfume did exist, none from the Christian Dior could confirm about the chosen venues for the sales counters.

With elections scheduled in few months during the summer, the manufacturer and the advertising agency were choosing the potential venues of political rallies to promote their perfume ranges. However sources from Dior have indicated two new brands are scheduled to be released one month before elections.

The one that will be promoted in Congress venues is named Veleno, Italian for poison and the other one will be called Zeher, poison in Hindi, based on made ayurveda, using indigenous herbs from India, for BJP rallies.

When asked for response, though management gurus considered this an innovative marketing technique, models are feeling that politicians are trying to encroach their territory.

One aspiring young model has really spewed venom: “Even Lata Mangeshkar was advised by some politician to only sing and not pass political comments. They even threatened to take her Bharat Ratna back. Already, cricketers and actors have pushed the regular models to the back taking the lion share of the market. We had to share the remaining market with celebrities from other fields. Now, even politician enter. I did not concentrate on my studies and spent time on my looks and figure. If I fail in modeling, I will be left with no choice but to marry and hell it will be an arranged marriage”.

One old model however feels there is no need to feel threatened by the new phenomenon. “People from every walk have become models. What’s so special about politicians? They are just another class of so many.”

Mr. Advani, on hearing this has lamented, “Now, opportunities exist in all fields. In my time, we can’t think beyond elections and ministerial berths. This change is refreshing and welcome. In fact, if there are any poor politicians, I mean by mistake, they can also consider modeling as a new avenue for retirement funding. I wish success to Mr. Modi and Madam Sonia”.

Mr. Manusinghvi, however was cautious in his remarks. He simply refused for any official comment. Even off the record, his only comment was that this may be one of Rahul Gandhi’s idea of changing the congress and he must have started empowering women from his mother.