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New Cabinet at Delhi

20, Mar 2014 By khakshar

While the a pollsters are busy predicting the number of seats NDA will win in upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Babaji and the former president of BJP are conspicuous by their absence in and around Delhi.

One must remember that while the later is in charge of party for Delhi , the former has a penchant for “Ram Lila” grounds. In the political heat, these two along with cooling it off in Haridwar.

Insiders however say that the two are busy in preparing the ‘kitchen cabinet” of today. This kitchen cabinet will take charge of corresponding ministries, once the NDA comes in power. Kitchen Cabinets are prepared in England by opposition leaders to have a cabinet team ready in case of future hope of  power.

It has been further leaked that while Babaji will be the finance minister as for his immense knowledge on tax and land revenue payment procedures, Mr. Gadkari has been ensured Food Ministry. Babaji, who has earlier advocated abolition of all taxes is fine tuning his tax laws. His immense experience in dealing with land  revenue evasion cases will be of immense help. With Mr. Jaswant Singh fighting as a rebel and BJP sure to trim Mr. Yaswant Sinha’s stature by giving his son aticket, Baba RamDev’s candidature for Finance  is now strengthened.

Yogi Ramdev has umpteen of them as his chelas. Baba RamDev  is also contemplating asking  Health Ministry for his disciple Mr. Balkrishna of “dual citizenship” fame. It will be two pronged strategy as the Yoga Guru will popularize  “Yoga” and his “Patanjali” brand ayurvedic churans , pastes , products and by products. In order to cement his chela’s place in the would be Cabinet, Baba Ramdev had organized a special screening of Balkrishna at Delhi for PM post aspiring Narendra Modi.

The new ally Mr.Ram Vilas Paswan is eyeing Railways or steel (in view of pending  “TotaRam CBI” cases of appointment at Steel Authority of India).

However people close to Mr. Chirag Paswan mention that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is being eyed. It is with the view of arm twisting film producers into making films with would be MP. Titles like “Rowdy MP”, “MP Mirchi’ will look realistic.

However, Mr. Gadkari is strongly favoring someone from The Faking News  editorial team as the minister for Information and Broadcasting . Mr. Gadkari would certainly like to return back the accolades and  the extensive coverage accorded to him by the sister of First Post.  It’s learnt that more portfolios will be decided in a week .