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'Never knew I was treated like a VIP': ex-minister shocked over VIP culture allegations against him

17, Mar 2015 By RT

New Delhi. Mr. Virendra Pradhan, an ex-minister, today was shocked to learn that he was treated like a VIP during his tenure as cabinet minister in the erstwhile union government.

“See! My name Virendra Pradhan and people used to call me VIP in short. I never knew that I was treated like one when I was a minister. Whenever I heard police saying remarks like ‘VIP is about to leave’, ‘VIP just arrived’ etc., I always thought they are affectionately referring to my short name.

Mr. VIP i.e., Virendra Pradhan in his car
Mr. VIP i.e., Virendra Pradhan in his car

Our government being embodiment of development, I had always thought that Indian roads are traffic free and have synchronized traffic signals, the best in the world. I used to marvel at our traffic control system whenever I had a convoy for any of my meetings.

I forever cursed the traffic in US and UK on my foreign trips, when my taxi had to stop for signals etc., and used to draw parallel to Indian traffic to the cab drivers, who always used to return a dirty look over my comments. I usually managed to dismiss the look of racist jealousy from the cab fellows”, Mr. Pradhan told Faking News over the recent allegations on the ex-minister over the exploitation of VIP culture.

“What is wrong in using a helicopter or a chartered aircraft for election campaigns or meetings? They are the cheapest. See! It takes 10 hours for my convoy to reach a rural area in UP from Lucknow, even with our world class traffic system in place. Think about how much petrol will be wasted and also think about environmental pollution!

Helicopters can reach the rural areas in half an hour and are the cheapest. I mean, for half-an-hour of travel, how much petrol can the vehicle take? That is why we use helicopters and chartered planes” Mr. VIP told Faking News when asked about his domestic chartered Air Travel.

“And then there is this thing about me having visited only five star hotels for food. See! I am health conscious and advised by doctors to eat less. Where else I will get very less food for a high price? Now the media projecting me that I had acted like VIP is really unreasonable!” Mr.VIP complained to the Faking News correspondent as a closing remark.