Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Netagiri course for political niceties

18, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What can never be mulled over has been a full-fledged reality in today’s perspective. There was no requirement of education for establishing oneself as a successful politician. What had been persisted prominently was people’s backing. On the basis of this simple straight ladder one used to look forward to becoming a political leader.

However, with the beginning of the 9-month long post-graduation course in Nétagiri, the trend to teach the process of becoming neta has evolved. So far there was no use of formal education for being a politician. However, the time has changed, the situation has changed and the above all the politics runs as a family tradition in our country. It was this distorted tendency which paved way for the effective symptom of the college politics by the young emerging politician.

On the contrary, it could also prove to be finishing the educational institutions’ politics. The road politics will also subside with the running of this costly specialised course. The older experienced political leaders will be compelled to realise uselessness of budding politicians’ habit of showing ample audacity before the police or the administrative pressures. They will learn every knack of politics by taking admission to a totally fresh foundation. Now, the leaders’ progenies would think to turn to the Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership in Mumbai.

Being the first institution of this kind it has even extended admission to as many as 23 students with degrees in business management and technical streams. The Institute has made it clear that there is a class of politicians in the society too. Just as a potter’s descendant opts for the same vocation, the washer man’s child takes on a traditional family line of work, a doctor’s offspring chooses similar noble profession so as the politician’s brood will take training of political leadership hence.