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NDA government launches new portal that enables online bribe payment

21, Jul 2014 By dhumchick

New Delhi. In its efforts to bring Acche din to Indians, NDA government has launched a new portal where people can pay bribe online.

BJP meeting
Decision made.

“There were two options in front of us for taking India forward. Either we completely overhaul the existing system or we improve and streamline the existing processes. If we go for the first choice – we will sound like Aaptard anarchists and we may not even succeed. If we choose the latter – we can see immediate results and more transparency,” explained Prakash Javadekar – Information and broadcasting minster.
“See, no one minds paying bribe nowadays as the incomes are on a upswing. What bothers people is that they don’t know whom and how to pay bribe? Sometimes they approach an honest officer and both the parties are frustrated. We want to avoid those situations,” was how Smriti Irani – the HRD minister – justified the move.
“On this portal, both the government babus and the middlemen can provide services. Whoever is cheaper and more efficient – wins. Payments will be secured through Escrow and will be released only when the person verifies that the service has been completed to his satisfaction,” signed off Nitin Gadkari, Transport Minister.