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Nation says: Thank you Rahul

02, Jan 2014 By Rohit Agnihotri

In an amazing turn of event, India as a nation stood united today and thanked Mr Rahul Gandhi.

India as a nation woke up today and felt funny, they suddenly realized that they now understand the true meaning and purpose of life. In this historical event of 21st century, the nation unanimously understood that corruption is not the solution of their problems as Mr Arvind Kejriwal and Mr Anna Hazare have claimed. Had this been the case, the corruption free countries would be happiest but this is not so.

They also realized that building the temple is not the solution either as India already have around 100 crore temples and if distributed equally, each person can have a personal temple. So building one more temple will not bring eternal happiness and bliss in their life.

The nation has realized that the true meaning of life is spreading happiness and thus has thanked Rahul for the selfless work he has done for the nation.

Here are the excerpts from the interview that nations spokesman, Arnab Goswami had with this great man

Arnab Goswami (AG): Mr Gandhi, I on behalf of the nation thank you for bringing such joys in our life.

Rahul Gandhi (RG): Which nation?

AG: India!! Of course

RG: (Smiles) Bhaiya, India is not a nation, it is a country.

AG: How do you feel?

RG: I feel tired also felt ticklish when mother was bathing me today.

AG: No, I mean about the nation’s sentiments.

RG: Have you ever felt two things at a time? I will feel regarding the nation, once I am done with my current feeling.

AG: Mr Gandhi, India as a nation stood united today in the morning, what are your comments on this?

RG: First of all I want to thank you for calling me ‘MR’, no one has ever done that for me. Regarding your question, well the marriage age in India should be decreased and people like me should be forced to marry, else every day we will wake up with ‘standing’.

We also have other reports pouring in related to the story, for the first time in history, the nation’s girls have seen the news and explained that they find Rahul very cute and therefore he is the right candidate for the election. Girls confided in our reporter saying that, this news actually filled in the void created by end of Bigg Boss when they felt like they will never be able to recover from such a loss. However Rahul’s smile has done his magic and filled their hearts with warmth and optimism again.

The event is being portrayed as a revolution by the World Media and is currently the third most googled news after the cleavage show of Britney Spears and Bigg Boss 7 winner.

PS: Author is an engineer and cannot say something which is entirely clean in nature and not demeaning to girls. If girls chose to ignore the author, he will totally understand as he is used to the same, courtesy his college days and now married life.