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Narendra Modi to install Tendulkar statue similar to 'Statue of Liberty'

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Bangalore. On lines of his Sardar Patel statue, Narendra Modi today announced that plans were afoot to install a 500 feet statue on Elephanta Island off the coast of Mumbai. Speaking to a packed crowd today at Bangalore, he said that using today’s latest IT Technology and experience gained from Ms Mayawati’s development in UP, the unthinkable would be achieved. To fund the project, an exit fee of 10Rs would be charged to the people gathered to hear Mr Modi’s at his rallies.

Amit Shah, Modi’s close aide has informed that ‘Preliminary snooping of the area around Mumbai has been done and the Elephanta Island off the coast of Mumbai was an ideal site. Unlike the Statute of Liberty in New York, Sachin’s statue will hold a bat in one hand and the Bharat Ratna in the other. This will give 1 billion people of India hope that even they achieve what Sachin did’

The Indian media went into a frenzy after this news was declared and cricketing circles were abuzz with rumors. In a crying interview given by former cricketer Vinod Kambli and Sachin’s ex best friend, Kambli said ‘Sachin and me grew together years ago but today all is forgotten. The statue will be a constant reminder to me of the joys we had together before he ditched me’.

Meanwhile Congress has denounced Mr Modi’s idea saying that the tall statue would make it visible from Karachi. It would make it easier for Pakistani terrorist to reach Mumbai making 26/11 a routine affair. A CBI probe would be ordered as soon as the Supreme Court passes its judgement on the powers of CBI.

In related news, the Archaeological survey of India has also been critical of the ‘Statue of Tendulkar’ idea saying that the tall statue and construction work would damage the sculptures on the island. Though the ASI has not done any restoration on the sculptures till date, the Sachin statue is expected to damage the sculptures beyond repair.