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Narendra Modi to change his surname to Vajpayee due to the Lalit Modi controversy

17, Jun 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

Due to the recent hustle about Lalit modi in the media has urged our Prime Minister Narendra modi to change his surname from Modi to Vajpayee. He wants himself to be called as Narendra Vajpayee.

He was seen at the marriage registrar’s. Office, where he went to obtain his marriage certificate which would speed up the name change process.

In a brief chat with Faking News, he said, “It is very pathetic to see Modis doing such sort of disgraceful scams and running away from the country and posting erotic partying pictures on Instagram. This is a disgrace on the Modi community. Thus I have decided to change my surname to Vajpayee, inspired from shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was once the karta dharta of our party.”

Lalit Modi and Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi and Lalit Modi after the latest controversy.

“I had also considered changing my surname to Singh, but then miss Sonia Gandhi didn’t quite liked it and sent me a WhatsApp message not to do such kind of activity. Singh is the patent of congress and must not be used by the opposition. She also said in her message that she was thinking on changing her Rahul baba’s name from Rahul Gandhi to Rahul Singh as Gandhi’s value is diminishing,” PM further disclosed.

On asking about why he sued Salman Khan (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) for not making him a part of selfie le le re song, he said, “I am the political selfie king Salman should have considered me at least for one shot in the song. I would have announced a world selfie day which would have been a national holiday.”

Talking about the Sushma Swaraj’s help to Mr. Modi on humanitarian grounds he first asked our reporter to clarify which Modi he was referring to. “Sushma has helped even me a lot many times and thus your question is confusing,” he said to the reporter. He preferred to ignore the question after the clarification.

We tried contacting Mr. Lalit modi for some comments but he wasn’t reachable, so we DM’ged him the question on twitter which was how do you feel to be boycotted by the country and shaming the Modi community? To our surprise, he replied back instantly and said, “Who gives a damn about anything happening in India? I am having a bowl in foreign locations and no one can do anything to me.”

On the name change issue, he suggested the prime minister to change his surname to Gandhi instead of Vajpayee.

Narendra Gandhi will sound much realistic than Narendra Vajpayee. Which name do you prefer readers? Tell us in comments. We will try our level best to let your feedback reach the PMO.