Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Narendra Modi requests Manmohan Singh to attend the test-run and launch driver-less metro train in Delhi

18, Jun 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

New Delhi. The Delhi Metro on lately received its first train which is capable of running without a driver. Manufactured at Changwan in South Korea, the new-age train that arrived at the Mukundpur depot in New Delhi will eventually run unattended, guided by Delhi Metro’s operations control centers, a statement said.

The train arrived by sea at the Mundhra port in Gujarat and was brought to Delhi by road. Narendra Modi the honorable prime minister wanted the test run and launch to happen in Gujarat itself but dropped the plan thinking of his pending world tours. He murmured, he was still in the list of top 10 criminals as per Google so better to wait until his position is taken by someone else, preferably Kejriwal. In a press conference held at Rajeev Chowk metro station in Delhi, he explained how driverless trains would be a boon for the poor drivers who were getting beaten when metro broke down. He said at least frustrated people would have no one to get angry on and will be bound to sit and do yoga on the platform taught by Ramdev Baba. He requested everyone traveling in the driver-less train to always keep their SHADES OF MODI with them because that would help watch 3D movies in their smartphones in case there is a metro breakdown.

Reporters from Faking News asked him about the safety of passengers to which he replied flatly and said, “The passengers are either 100%safe or 200% in danger because the train being driver-less can either take you to your destination or take you to your creator.” Upon being asked. when will the test run and launch happen, our prime minister said that he would have loved to be a part of the test run and the launch run of the driver-less train but he had some doubts about its make so he would be visiting Korea to check whether the train had been built well or not.

Meanwhile our Manmohan Singh will attend the test run and launch it because even if the train goes on road, or break the metro pillar he would not be affected keeping the same calm expression on his face. It is quite certain that if Manmohan ji attends the test run, automatically Sonia Ji will accompany him. So basically it is a golden opportunity for them to prove their metal.

On the other hand, Mamta Didi is still busy demanding all ac coaches for her Kolkata metro. She was seen creating a Facebook page with the name WE WANT ALL AC COACHES IN KOLKATA METRO and Driverless TRAMS. Driverless metro to be inagurated by Manmohan singh