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Narendra Modi calls up Rajinikanth to build "Pradhan Sevak 2.0", his robotic substitute for leading the PMO while he's out on bilateral visits

19, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In what is being considered as a revolution in back-up strategy and business continuity, Prime Minister Modi has called upon Dr. Vaseegaran a.k.a Rajinikanth to build his robotic substitute for doing his work at the PMO whenever the former is out of country on bilateral visits.

“Model of Pradhan Sevak 2.0 on the left, Modi on the right.”

FN reporters from the capital were permitted to enter the PMO campus for a brief period of time where we were able to get further details on “PM automation” from the official spokespersons.

“The prime minister’s office runs 365 days every year and it is very much necessary for someone to overlook the important tasks everyday. While the PM is here, everything happens on time but the same should continue even in his absence. His temporary absence shouldn’t be a reason for any impediments. This is the reason why PM has called upon Dr.Vaseegaran, India’s most successful scientist in Robotics and Automation, to create PM’s robotic substitute. The idea is to have a replica of PM that’ll head the PMO while the real PM is on bilateral visits to foreign countries. After some discussions, we decided to name the prospect replica as Pradhan Sevak 2.0“, said Babu Sarkari with an anxious look on his face.

Our reporters from Chennai managed to get a 10 minute appointment with the busy Dr. Vaseegaran who gave us a few details on his conversation with Modi.

“Dr. Vasee already started working on Pradhan Sevak 2.0”

“As you must be knowing by now, we are mutual fans and it was lovely talking to him. Coming to the robot, I’ve left aside my current projects and have already started working on Pradhan Sevak 2.0 as Modiji has requested for it. The configuration of this robot is going to be fantastic. The base language of the mother board is going to be Gujarati while it will made up of 125 crore sub-components. The robot will blush upon hearing continuous Modi-Modi chants while it will frown at anything related to Congress. Work is still in progress but get ready for another gem of an invention from me”, remarked Dr. Vasee as we reached the end of our 10 minutes of appointment.

Sources say Akhilesh Yadav is quite impressed with Prime Minister’s idea and is reportedly working with Harry Baweja to create a robot on the lines of Love Story 2050 for his CMO.