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Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandhi to star in YJHD sequel 'Yeh Buddhapa Hai Dhamaka'

21, Apr 2015 By ajinkya7

Ever since coming into power, Narendra Modi has been on the move. As of April 2015, he has completed 16 trips visiting countries in Asia, Europe and America. Ironically, the trips have not gone unnoticed and after the recent conclusion of his 3-nation visit to Germany, France and Canada, Director-Producer Karan Johar has decided to cast NaMo in his Yeh Jaawani hai Deewani Sequel.

The movie titled as Yeh Buddhapa hai Dhamaka carries forward the essence of the previous flick and is being touted as the next Box-Office blockbuster expected to release in 2019.

NaMo is going to be casted opposite Sonia Gandhi in an intense musical drama revolving around a political road trip across the globe.

Karan Johar ,usually quite vocal with the media, was over the moon with Modiji’s inclusion to the star cast. Giving some insights about the movie and adding some spoilers, he said,”I am extremely ecstatic as Modiji has decided to work with us. The character required for this movie which requires intensive travelling, and it completely suits his personality given to the matter of fact that he has travelled extensively to various parts of the world for conferences and state visits. Also Modiji would be completing the photo collage book which Bunny(Ranbir Kapoor) left incomplete at the end of the first movie.”

Back in Delhi, when asked Modiji about his upcoming movie, he said, “Mitron… Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon…bus rukna nahi chahta.

He also added, “This movie would highlight India as one of the premier countries in the world. More Importantly, I believe it will foster Make in India and Swach Bharat Initiatives and also encourage foriegn investment.”

Sonia Gandhi will be playing the female lead opposite Narendra Modi. Reports said KJ had relatively difficult time in getting an actress for the lead role and when questioned about the same, Karan added, “Well, we wanted someone fluent and mellifluous in Hindi and after Amma and Didi rejected the lead role, I was really happy when Soniaji accepted the role.”

Soniaji, however, remained unavailable for comment.

FM Arun Jaitley has also been romped into the star cast. Jaitley spilled some beans from the script by saying, “My character is coherent with my real life role where I would be crunching numbers and working on fiscal deficits. Fortunately,  I have achieved my fiscal deficit targets at least in the movie.”

Sources also added that the movie involves guest appearances from Uddhav Thackeray and Nitish Kumar, however their roles have been kept under the wrap and left upto audience imagination.

The movie is scheduled to release in March 2019 amidst LS elections. It is co-produced  by Vadra Production House owned by Robert Vadra and DLF group. It is expected to cross the £1000 Crore-barrier both in India and abroad.