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Nandan Nilekani orders cancelling of Aadhar cards of protesting Congress leaders

20, Jan 2014 By Albert Lobo

UIDAI office has issued a memorandum today afternoon for cancellation of the Aadhar cards of the local MLAs and block congress presidents in Bangalore South constituency following their rebellion against fielding Mr. Nandan Nilekani as the congress candidate from Bangalore-south for the upcoming loksabha elections.

The suitability of Nandan to contest from this constituency is being questioned since he has not done anything to the constituency and instead has demanded to field Mr. Rahul Gandhi for this seat as a compromise.

Mr. Nilekani, chairman of UIDAI and former Infosys chairman is miffed with the behavior of the local leaders and is reported to have launched this action against these people. 8 people are expected to lose their Aadhar status in 2 weeks time due to this action. The cards are being seized based on Clause 14.3b of the Aadhar act which authorizes the UIDAI office to take action in any form, including arrest, against any misconduct by the citizens who are issued an Aadhar card. Each individual has signed the Aadhar declaration without reading the fine-print which grants this authority to the UIDAI office.

Aadhar card based Direct Subsidy Transfer scheme for LPG is expected to be rolled out in the state shortly. Without an Aadhar card, people will have to pay 2-2.5 times the price of a subsidized LPG cylinder for their cooking gas needs, which can be a major pinch into the already squeezed monthly budgets of the common people for surviving. Hence Mr. Nilekani is trying to use his clout as the UIDAI chairman to threaten the rebelling party workers and others who are opposing his selection for this loksabha seat as well as warning all the voters of his constituency of the repercussions they may have to bear in case of his electoral debut failure.

With this action, Nandan has fired his first salvo at local congress leaders to fall in line and highlight the rollout of Aadhar cards as an achievement since his contribution to the local community is being questioned by all. The salaried class, who are already struggling to make ends meet, with high food & basic necessity item prices due to inflation , are a worried lot as subsidy transfer facility, if taken away, will make their survival difficult. This fear to all would ensure guaranteed votes for Mr. Nilekani in the upcoming elections.

After this move by UIDAI, the BJP leadership held a strategy meeting this evening and has come up with a “Nandan Hatao, Janta Bachao” paadyatra to the Governor’s house in Bangalore on Saturday under the able leadership of party re-entrant Shri Yeddyurappa and his staunch followers. At the centre, BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sheetaramin has expressed shock at the childish behavior by the congress, without quoting any names, and has informed that a petition would be filed with the President of India and Chief Justice of India to remove Mr. Nilekani from the UIDAI chairman position to safeguard the interests of the common man in the country.