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NaMo steps down

24, Mar 2014 By rebbaprr

In a sensational revelation BJP has announced that Narendra Modi has decided to step down as Prime Ministerial candidate. NaMo and LK Advani jointly announced that Sushma Swaraj would be the most ideal candidate to lead the nation.

Sushma Swaraj’s role in preventing Sonia Gandhi from becoming the PM of India was a strong point in her favour.

Arun Jaitley and Jaswanth Singh opposed Sushma Swaraj as she didn’t fully exploit the mining mafia in Karnataka. Sushma they felt treated Gali and Sreeramulu like children and they deserved greater respect.

Sushma Swaraj meanwhile was not contactable as she was installed on a golden throne in Gali’s house. Sushma was annoyed as the gold chair didn’t have enough cushion and one of the sharp edges caught her expensive silk saree which was torn when she was getting up to answer our phone call.

She scolded the BJP workers attending on her and abruptly ended the press conference.

Reddy brothers were annoyed with this development. They were expected to be the mining ministers once BJP government is formed.