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NaMo blames UPA-II for SRT’s retirement, promises to bring him back in 2014

17, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Twitter PM NaMo has declared that he would bring back SRT to the Indian cricket team immediately after his party comes to power in 2014 general elections. This is the first time that the BJP PM nominee has given any concrete resolution to the problems that plague India today. Speaking to the ‘Friends of BJP in Honululu’ over Skype, NaMo launched a scathing attack on UPA-II and went on to blame SRT’s retirement to the poor governance and policy decisions of the Congress over past 8 years and said it was a proof that Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi had failed in their duties towards billions of Indians.

Narendra Modi
Modi will bring SRT back

When asked what his favorite Sachin innings was, he said that the knock of 116 at MCG in Adelaide was his favorite. Harsha Bhogle and Ayaz Memon who pointed out the glaring misstatement of facts were immediately hushed up by NaMo followers on Twitter. A wave of attacks from the uber smart and savvy young followers ensued. One of the fans Fekurocks tweeted “Harsha is a bloody Congi..never seen such and antinational *$@hole”.

While Manmohan Singh maintained dignified silence on NaMo’s comments, Rahul Gandhi who flew in from Sicily this morning said that Sachin’s retirement was only a state of mind and that he attended the match to convince Sachin to revoke his decision. While he agreed that he was not good at convincing, he said that it was a value upheld by everyone in his party. He ferried Sachin’s kit to the team coach post the match to make sure that he understood Sachin’s feelings.

When asked about the NaMo chants at Wankhede, Digvijay Singh dismissed the incident saying that an isolated incident involving 30k people gathered at Wankhede was not the voice of India. He wished Sachin luck and said that the wave of emotion of displayed at Wankhede truly reflected feelings of billions of Indians across the world.

When general public was asked about NaMo’s statement, they said that anyone who doubted Modi was not aware of the Gujarat model of development. When asked, Samir Manjarekar, a marketing professional who frequents Ahmedabad said, “I have visited the AlphaOne Mall many times and it clearly shows what Modi has done to Gujarat. And have you tasted Jasuben Pizza? Its the best in the world and would kick any Italian a**”