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Names of girls born in Tamil Nadu to be prefixed 'Amma' for easy citizen-identity, declares Jayalalitha

29, Sep 2014 By tanul

Chennai. After having schemes like Amma Canteen, Amma Bags, Amma Mineral water, Amma cement, Amma tea, Amma cinemas, Amma salt and Amma pharmacies, the next wave of reforms in Tamil Nadu is to prefix the name of every girl born in Tamil Nadu  as ‘Amma’ – obviously after the state’s former Chief Minister Ms Jayalalitha, reports ‘Amma’ Swati Ganesan.

The scheme finds relevance in solving the problem faced by authorities to verify TN born girl. The scheme also embeds Tamilian culture of no-bragging and no-self-elevating followed strictly by Ms.Jayalalitha.

“The scheme is one of most innovative and can do away with the loads of paperwork involved in creating domicile and other certificates. A simple ‘Amma’ prefixed girl  is a stamp errr…an identification of the girl born under the benevolence of Amma in Tamil Nadu.It will help in disributing ration and providing schemes without any other identification required for the citizen! This is as innovative an idea as Google Search and Smartphones, albiet in social field,” said AIADMK spokesperson.

“Though it will be compulsory, the reform is no way a marketing agenda,” he adds for reason unknown.

The girls born in Tamil Nadu are supposed to report to the government bungalow of  ‘Amma’, where slides of the work done by Amma will be shown followed by a quiz. This will be followed by ‘Amma anthem’ and a reciept of ‘Amma‘fication to those who clear quiz,which when displayed at collector office will get them ‘Amma‘fied – i.e. renamed documents.

The ‘reform’ will soon find extensions for boys and the ‘prefix’ to be used is currently under discussion. With an astounding birth rate, the party could not afford to miss out on the girls born everyday, till the other prefix is decided. Interestingly the party has also come up with a competition named ‘Amma Naming Competition’ to suggest the prefix with a prize of ‘1 lakh Amma INR'(Rupee is fondly called Amma INR in TN).

Political Analysts are now hailing these ‘Amma’ reforms as a new chapter in philosophy, comparing  it to the likes of Marxism, Socialism, Capitalism and other isms.

The opposition party is upset for some good reasons.

“I can’t imagine guys marrying girls while calling them Amma!! Wait for the elections, it will be changed to ‘Karuna’ (after party leader Mr Karunanidhi) by our party for better. And yes we too have reforms in our agenda – ‘Karuna’ room freshners to help slums fight the stench of garbage around, ‘Karuna’ nimbu paani to beat Tamil heat and ‘Karuna’ Churan as a good majority of tamilians have upset stomach due to cheap ‘Amma’ canteen food. All are health measures,” says ‘Karuna’Raja, party leader.

“The Churan idea was mine,” grins Raja as his approaching security guards dig appreciation out of the reporter.