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Najeeb Jung writes to President, alleges inhuman working conditions

13, Dec 2013 By anshg64

New Delhi. Najeeb Jung, the lieutenant governor of Delhi who has been in the limelight nowadays has written to Pranab Mukherjee , complaining too much stress at workplace.

Speaking to FakingNews , he said “When I was given the offer letter for the job I was told that it would be more or less a sinecure job, apt for my retirement life. But now I am being placed in the line of fire and I need to somehow run the state .To be fair to Pranab da , though he did mention that I may need to work on flexible hours now and then, probably attend Mata ki chownki early morning at few MP’s homes or ring Superintendent of Police late night to let go some MLA’s drunkard son .But I did not sign to run a state or to run after political parties urging them to form the government.”

He further added that while he was left in this miserable situation, Pranab da was out touring South Africa attending Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. He demanded that his work load should be decreased and he should at least be given an all expense paid trip to attend Kim Jong Un’ uncle’s funeral in North Korea.