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Nagin Nagin Dasna declared as official song of UP

17, Jul 2014 By khakshar

In the hype and hoopla over Mr. Ved Pratap Vaidik meeting the most wanted man in the World and threatening him with  dire consequences, many development related news have been put to back burner by News Channels and print Media.

Media seems to have fallen for the suave Journalist Mr. Ved.  However to be fair to the media the intellect of Mr.Vaidik and his knowledge of “stupid questions” of Journalists and their offspring is a trap which any Journalist will fall into. He is well versed with “Das Kapital by Karl Marx” and “The Divine comedy  by Dante” . These two books are considered to be the Bible of Indian Journalism.

Any Journalist in India worth his salt will proclaim affinity to the Principles of the two books. Mr. Ved’s knowledge of Arnab Goswami’s and Hafeez Saeed’s mindset is an  added advantage. His declaration of  Arnab  being the father of the most wanted terrorist brought out in  public the best kept secret of Indian Journalism. Also aiding   his hogging the limelight is his experience of over 55 years of Journalism and proximity to all Prime Ministers of India.

Las Vegas flavour in Uttar Pradesh

His knowledge of Yoga is vouched by non other than Yogi Babaji RamDev Maharaj. His knowledge of stars and Tantra is second only to the famous ChandraSwami. Readers will realize that the “little upper pie Journalists” have fallen for the Halo around Mr.Ved and have neglected some path breaking developments in other states.

It takes commitment and continuous focus  like  The Faking News to keep an eye on issues and not only on hypes.  Articles about money multiplier Bihar Police has been a news which only our Journal has focused upon. The Bihar Police seems to find to a way to end the financial problems of the state as well as the country. On reporting a theft of 50Ks , the efficient Bihar Police hands over more than 1 Crore. The money multiplies by 200 times within a fortnight. Added advantage is jewelry and extremely valuable Foreign Currency.

However the Mountain King (Giri in Hindi means Mountain and Raj means King, GiriRaj) MP from Nawada has staked claim for the  innovation. His cousin has also confirmed this. “Nawada’ is not to be confused with “Nevada” of US , which was Gold Miner’s delight and has the Gambling city of Las Vegas as it’s prominent symbol.

The Faking News has not overlooked the famous Nagin quote of a leader in Uttar Pradesh. With more than half of  “Kaptans-Superintendent of Police” in the state seem to come from the same clan, many political parties allege of unequal distribution of Bell Curve (skewed Bell Curve towards Samajwadi Party) in graph of Politicization of  UP administration.

Like Messi remembering the German Goal Keeper “Neuer” for taking revenge , The chief of a Political party has cast the picture of a Senior SP in revenge taking “Nagin” eyes. The female cobra’s resolve to take revenge is folklore in India. Meanwhile Vellas in  Lucknow want “Nagin Nagin Dasna” to be the official song of UP. They are of course inspired by Gyrations of J Lo in the official song of Brasilia FIFA World Cup 2014.

With Sony Set Max reducing the hours of telecast of the “Pit Bull and Jennifer Lopez” song , the Vellas want Nagin song to be played regularly by all UP TV channels.The Vellas have roped in some Dharna specialists of a particular party to help in their fight for the cause.