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"Naa Khaaunga, Naa Khaane Doonga" by Modi is responsible for food inflation in India

14, Aug 2014 By chiraag

New Delhi. After curtailing power of Delhi Anti-Corruption bureau PM Narendra Modi on his visit to Jammu and Kashmir tried to convince people by saying his mantra has been “na khaunga, na khane dunga” (neither will I take bribe, nor will I allow anyone to take bribe).

People attending this rally looked unconvinced over this after recent steps of Govt. in Delhi towards ACB. “He might be talking about his Shravan fast, and want everybody to keep fast in this month,” interpreted Mr. Sharma who attended the PM’s rally in Kargil.

Modi reacting to the reactions

“I agree with na khaunga part (I won’t take bribe) but I don’t agree with the second part na khane dunga (I won’t allow anyone to take bribe),” said K C Tyagi of JD(U).

The statement attracted lot of debate and interpretation across the country. Everybody tried to interpret what PM actually meant because there were no sign of anti-corruption by new Govt.

“Its simple yeh banda na khayega, na khane dega, (He won’t eat, he won’t let you eat), bhuka maarna chahta hai, (he want you to die of hunger)”, says a Gujarati trader in Delhi in his interpretation of PM’s statement.

“This mantra of PM is responsible for increasing food inflation in the country. If he doesn’t like to eat onions, he won’t control price rise of onions so that people cannot purchase it. This is what he actually meant by na khaunga na khane dunga, you have to read between the lines”, says a Congress spokesperson.