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N.Srinivasan to contest in general elections

27, Mar 2014 By iyerman

N.Srinivasan, the BCCI President has announced that he will step down from the post of BCCI president on Thursday.

In an interesting turn of events, he is now eyeing the general elections and has announced his new party, ICMK (India Cements Munetra  Kazhakam). He is expected to file his nomination from the Saidapet constituency in Chennai.

N Srinivasan
“It’s not a joke”

Sources in BCCI say that this is a move to take control of the current situation that it finds itself. “Srini is pretty confident of winning 272 seats that are required to form the next government with him at the helm”.

Since Srinivasan has allies cutting across party lines, he is said to be confident about getting the required numbers even if he were to fall short of the magic number. Srinivasan is all set to release his one point manifesto on Friday. Faking news managed to procure the one line manifesto which read,

“Vote for me or else I will stop cricket in India”

Strong reactions are coming in from the youth of the country who are willing to change the Modi wave into a Srini frequency. Narendra Modi is said to be shattered by Srini’s decision to contest and is said to be considering backing out from the PM race.

However, sources in BJP say that they are trying their best to bring back Lalit Modi to contest against Srini, so that they still can keep the Modi wave going.  The new developments might see all the political parties withdrawing their candidature for the elections.

Srini is said to be contemplating giving tickets to all the members of Board of control for cricket in the respective states, except Rajasthan. Arvind Kejriwal, as a counter, announced that he would compete from Chennai and Jaipur instead of Varanasi now.  He was quoted saying, “The congress, BJP and the BCCI are in a threesome and he is the only person in this world who can stop this from happening”.

The congress spokesperson on the other hand was seen to be calm and collected about the news. He said in an interview to Faking News, “Whoever the opponent is, Congress will not be bothered”. After the camera was turned off, he however was heard completing the sentence, “Whoever the opponent is, Congress will not be bothered. We are anyways going to lose. Ha Ha Ha”

All the IPL franchisees are excited about Srinivasan’s candidature. They can now look at declaring IPL as the national games in India. Meanthile, a news flash in Zee TV said, “We do not know if Dhoni would be campaigning for Srinivasan”. It remains to be seen if the Indian Cricketers will be campaigning for Srini.