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My resigning after the train accident was a mistake: Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji

16, Apr 2014 By abrakadabra

New Delhi : A letter purportedly written by Shastri ji is making rounds in media circles creating huge ripples. Letter states that after getting inspiration from AAP chief Arving Kejriwal’s admittance that resigning from the Delhi Govt was a mistake , Shastri Ji is thinking whether he also made a mistake by resigning after the train accident 1956 in southern India in his tenure as Railway Minister.

“Why Lal Bahadur Ji? Why?”

It further adds that as an afterthought he also felt that resignation was the easy way out than facing the responsibility and accepting the challenge of working for the improvement. Recently before the general election in Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had equated his resignation as Delhi’s Chief Minister to the resignation of Shastri Ji on moral grounds. As per the letter Shastri Ji is highly impressed with Arvind Kejriwal’s understanding of moral issues and his ability to channel the emotions of millions of people in India and is willing to take a lesson or two in case Arvind Kejriwal finds him worthy of learning.

AAP activists were seen celebrating the unexpected support received from Shastri ji. AAP spokesperson who was midway on TV debate telling that this letter is conspiracy of Modi and Ambani had provided his private jet to bring the letter to Media, was silenced and called back by AAP Headquarters.

Sources familiar with the developments said that Arvind Kejriwal is planing another slap attack on him and has called for another auto driver named “Tali” to attack him. He will then go to samadhi of Shastri ji and sit in silence for the media to show how he is overcoming his pain. Meanwhile Digvijay Singh of Congress has requested to Congress President Sonia Gandhi to expel Shastri ji from Congress party. BJP spokesperson Naqvi said that this is yet another trick of AAP to fool the emotional Indian voters.